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On Saturday afternoon, August 8, 2010, while campaigning for D6 Supervisor on Market Street, George Davis and a campaign volunteer were stopped and cited by seven (repeat seven!) SFPD officers. George Davis is an official on the ballot candidate for the District Six seat. They were carrying an easy-to-read sign, “GEORGE DAVIS FOR SUPERVISOR DISTRICT SIX”. They were passing out campaign literature clearly stating the relevant bullet points of the campaign:

Freedom of Expression.

Freedom from Censorship.

Free Dental, Vision, and Hearing Care for Senior

The targeted electoral demographic of the campaign are “free thinkers” and Seniors.

The police time to issue the citations and further processing will cost the taxpayers of San Francisco over $1000. (enough money to fill the cavities of 10 Seniors) The police officers were made aware that the OCC has found these police actions in the past as “harassment.” (Harassment is the exact OCC finding.) They were made aware of in Re Smith (1973), the California Supreme Court Case and subsequent court findings that “Nude is not Lewd.” After 22 other such citations with zero trials and zero convictions, the police officers were fully aware that the citation would almost certainly be discharged.

As an aside, the officers tell me that they don’t think that it is their duty to tell citizens filling out a Citizen’s Complaint that they could be sued for false arrest if the complaint can’t be upheld in court. Wouldn’t you want that information before filling out a complaint? If a citizen doesn’t care about the potential consequences, why should the police pursue the complaint?

The George Davis campaign for District Six Supervisor will not accept police harassment. Further SFPD harassment will result in City Hall protests against the censorship of the campaign platform.

Thank you for whatever direction you send the George Davis for District Six campaign.

P.S. A photo of the citing officers will go up on the campaign blog, this week.

Written by georgedavisdistrictsix

August 9, 2010 at 6:24 pm

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