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New SFPD Nudity Guidelines

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To everyone’s expectation the nudity citations were dismissed before entering the courtroom.

Possiblely, as a result of George and Lloyd’s one afternoon protest in front of City Hall on the previous Friday to protest SFPD harassment, new nudity law guidelines have been issued by the Police Department Legal department. This is my understanding from a conversation with Captain Joe Garrity on Monday afternoon August 23.

1. The police will no longer cite for Indecent Exposure PC 314 unless there is obvious lewd and obscene conduct.

2. The police may cite for Public Nuisance (PC 372) with a citizen’s complaint. The police are to exercise their reasonable discretion on the issue. In practice, Public Nuisance is behavior like loud, abusive talk or uncontrolled behavior. In theory, it would be edgy behavior that would be judged the same clothed or nude.

The bottom line is that it appears the Supervisor Campaign should continue unhindered by police issues.

To other nudists in San Francisco, our advise is that in the unlikely event that if you are approached by a police officer who may not be aware of this new bullitin, that you do not argue with them, but request that they call into the station for an update on nudity law.

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August 24, 2010 at 6:32 pm

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