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August 22 GoTopless Celebration and KTVU News

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On Sunday, August 22 about 7 North American cities celebrated GoTopless Day, which is a call for equal breast freedom for men and women. The San Francisco venue was by the Vallaincourt Fountain in Justin Herman Plaza. SaraKay, the hostess of the tv show, was the primary organizer of the event. There were acoustic musicians. At the event, women went topfree and men wore bras. George Davis wore pasties because no one should wear a bra.   Bras constrict the intercoastal muscles which are used for breathing.
It was a nice warm sunny day and we had a good time.

After the event; Gypsy Taub, who is the hostess for a tv show, Matt, Lloyd, Bare, and George Davis went on a campaign walk along the Embarcadero. During the walk, a KTVU news truck pulled up and asked if they could interview us. Because of the hot weather that day and an even hotter forcast for Monday, they said that they were doing a story on “Spare the Air Day” to decrease enrgy consuption and lower pollutants in the air on hot days. Bare suggested to the crew that they do a “Spare the Clothes Day” feature which they happily did. The feature was the opening news item on the 10 O’Clock news show on KTVU (channel 2, a Fox affiliate). A clip of this newsbroadcast is posted at

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August 27, 2010 at 6:26 pm

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